1. The Beatles

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The Beatles were like a set of matching dolls, with their matching hair and matching suits. Wind them up and pull the string, and The Beatles doll shakes its moptop and shouts: “WOO!” And that’s exactly how The Beatles were mass-marketed to millions of little kids like me. Suddenly, overnight, The Beatles doll was the coolest new toy in all the kiddies’ toy-boxes.

8 thoughts on “1. The Beatles

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  2. Ace,
    I put a link on my Beatles blog to amazon directing my Beatles fans to your new book,

    Acid Heroes: the Legends of LSD.

    Thank you for the support and good luck,

    James Sandlin

  3. Also, good job and do you know about any published works by Corey Donovan? About the Beatles, In 1963, and on November 22nd, the president of the United States of America left this world at the hand of another. Three months later, the United States became part of Great Britain. In a way. “Do you know what happened in London yesterday?” “No, what ??” A bio on Paul McCartney, ….not McCarthy, Paul wants very much to be english and not irish, so much so that he changed his name, in the U.S news at the time and Paul’s bio, “Paul is about 3.23 meters tall, and weighs exactly 3 “stone”. He was born in a “lorry” because his mum missed the “tube”. In actuality this is what the beatles were in addition to nice music which was created by a very large team of technicians. They were “disorientation technicians”. and they succeeded for quite some time.

  4. This is very interesting. I never heard of the Beatles before. It sounds like a lot of other people heard of them.

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