Coming Soon to a Brain Near You

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by Ace Backwords


Heroes. It’s an ironic word. They were heroes in a way. They were pioneers. They were bold explorers, exploring the uncharted realms of the human mind. They were goddam space cowboys. And the rolled the dice for real. They risked their sanity in the search for the higher states of consciousness. The quest for the Holy Grail. Cosmic Consciousness. And you could say they added some color and light and music to an otherwise gray world. Some of the other stuff they did I wasn’t so crazy about. I guess I was just a hero-worshipper. And they were all Great Men in a way. We just wanted to get high! Was that so wrong? We just wanted to feel happy. But we couldn’t figure out how to get there. And stay there.


Video Bonus! Uncle Juan reads from Acid Heroes on YouTube!

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Brain Near You

  1. The PEZ dispenser the way mother nature intended for PEZ dispensers to be.

    You make me feel as if I’m in a purple haze — and it’s just one of the many things I love about you.

    1. Well yeah, I am a bit of a lush. But I deeply resent being compared to that fat-ass blow-hard Rush Limbaugh. For one thing, I’m a skinny-ass blow-hard. In terms of my political beliefs — which has been a source of much controversy amongst the Berkeley PC crowd — let me clarify my postiion once and for all. Personally, I’ve never been able to decide who’s a bigger threat to my civil liberties: the assholes on the Left or the assholes on the Right. And now that I think of it, the ones in the middle, they’re pretty much assholes, too. So there’s politics as we know it.

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