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I don’t know if you ever stared at your face in the mirror for a long time on acid, and your face starts to take on this weird, contorted, monstrous look. But that’s what it was like writing this book. Staring at my often-painful past. At the same time, I’m kind of amazed by all the different scenes I was involved in and all the different perspectives from which I looked at reality (so-called): The hippie scene, the punk scene, the porn scene, the homeless scene, the underground cartoonist scene, the Holocaust Revisionism scene, etc. Most writers are one-trick ponies after all, lucky if they can come up with just one good trick. With me (I’m flattering myself here so bear with me) it’s like a diamond or a prism that reflects the light from all these different angles. The sum being greater than the total of its parts. I think I was influenced by Bowie and Lennon and Crumb in this regard. To forever be looking for something new.

Ace Backwords

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