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May 27, 2009

The Elect

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Someone I know articulated a theory about material objects you may find yourself in possession of. Sometimes a thing will be with you for years, and you’re not quite sure why. But then, along comes the absolute perfect recipient, the one person in the universe who should have this thing, and you pass it along, having fulfilled your cosmic purpose as custodian of the object.

For example, I used to have an art object made by Suzanne, of Leonard Cohen song fame. It was a piece of wood, I think what is called 4×4, standing on end, about a foot tall, and Suzanne had collaged some cut-out magazine pictures onto it and shellacked over them. A friend gave it to me long ago in California.

Much later, I did a painting of Leonard Cohen. A man I’d never met, who was a huge Cohen fan, bought that painting and another one, too. I knew he was the right person to have that Suzanne artifact. The Elect, although I didn’t have a name for it at the time. So I sent it to him, along with an explanation.

For a long while, I owned unsigned copies of both previous Ace Backwords books, Twisted Image

and Surviving on the Streets. Then, I also had a signed copy of each book. That made two copies each.

I have a friend here in town, J, who helped me out with some stuff. In another era of her life, she used to follow the Grateful Dead around, and lived in California for a while, and might even have been at some of the same concerts Ace went to. Last year, her teenage son went to the Rainbow gathering with friends, and when J saw my Ace Backwords books, she thought her son would love them. What with one thing and another, it was obvious that J was, in this case, The Elect.

Of course, I kept the signed ones.

Video Bonus! Uncle Juan reads from Acid Heroes on YouTube!


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