The Cracked, Crazed Times We Live In

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Backwords of the Day:
I know this sounds terrible, but there are times when I’m slightly in awe of what I’ve created. I know its non-fiction (supposedly) but it might be as close to The Great American Novel as we’ll get in our lifetime. Even as I’m still annoyed by some of the paragraphs where I tinkered with them, transplanted them in different spots and never quite maintained the original flow of the first draft. Still, I consider it my masterpiece. It might be the first really new slant to come out of the counterculture since On the Road. It holds up a mirror to the mainstream culture, too. It also makes a weird matching set with my Street book. I was in a high spiritual state when I wrote that one. And I think there’s more real down-home wisdom (for lack of a better word) in that book. For it was the only period of my life when I was relatively full of love and peace-of-mind and confidence. The Acid book is more the cracked, crazed side of my psyche. I’m much more full of anger and sadness and unfulfillment now. Alas. But that might even make for an even more powerful artistic statement, because these are certainly cracked, crazed times we live in.

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