Guest Commentator: Phil Polizatto

Finished Acid Heroes while in Mexico. Ace is a wonderful writer. Distinctive style. But the content still bothered me. I thought it was very biased. He did seem to redeem and even retract some of what he said, but only at the end and then only in his epilogues. I fear some people who read the book will never get that far, because I think most of the “good” hippies had a more pleasurable and enlightening experience with psychedelics than he did, and they did not go on to get into alcohol or other nasty drugs, and today, many are very wonderful contributors to our society. Acid did play an important role in accelerating consciousness at a time when the collective consciousness needed a boost. No matter. As I said, I did not like the content, but thought his writing style was great.

Phil Polizatto is the author of Hunga Dunga: A True Novel

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