Things Noticed

Ace Backwords, natural-born troublemaker and attention-getter, has made the news again. Check out this San Francisco Chronicle piece by Kevin Fagan.
People sure have a lot of opinions about it. The piece garnered 65 comments so far.

It has been suggested that Ace Backwords adopt the alternate persona of Face Bookwords, but so far no action on that front. Meanwhile, he can be found on Facebook under the old familiar moniker of Ace Backwords. And he has collected a boatload of friends. FB does enforce a limit, you know. A word to the wise.

Another suggested Facebook friend is Aline Kominsky-Crumb. Yes, she is related to R. Crumb. And an artist in her own right.

BN Duncan was not politically correct. Not surprisingly, he was Ace’s best friend. Now he’s gone but never, never forgotten.

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