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October 14, 2010


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I’m a little weird. But I’m just like everyone else. I make To Do lists. Here’s my To Do list for today:

THINGS TO DO (Oct. 11. 2010)

1.) sit on ass

2.) glare at strangers

3.) drink beer (24 oz. Olde English)

4.) smoke roach

5.) listen to band playing a free concert on Sproul Plaza

6.) remember the Jim Carroll and Fugazi shows I saw here with Mary in the early ’80s

7.) feel nostalgic in a bummed out way

8.) get annoyed (band is still doing their sound check)

9.) quit bitching because what the hell its free noise

10.) realize I’m in my element (for once) as the Jesus of cool and all-round hip rocknroll motherfucker

11.) use this notebook like a cover so people won’t think I”m too weird sitting in public with shades and smoking a joint and drinking a beer ($465 fine for open container tickets these days, the bastards, rise up against The Man, comrades!!)

12.) smoke more of joint

13.) do nothing (13 is unlucky number)

14.) wonder why the band is still doing their sound check 40 minutes later (the riffs sound good to me but what do I know)

15.) realize sometimes the sound checks are the best part of the show

16.) realize I must be drunk and stoned by this point

17.) experience a deep rage for no particular reason (make note I still have psychological issues to deal with)

18.) scream “All right!” after the band plays a particularly cool song

19.) ITS ROCKNROLL YA PUKES! (roll another cigarette)

20.) realize I’m out of Malt Liquor, make plans to achieve future life’s goals at the nearest liquor store


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