How I first heard about AIDS

It’s funny how  I first heard about AIDS. It must have been around 1982 and I was working as a San Francisco bike messenger. The owner of the company — who  was part American Indian —  started a subsidiary company as a tax write-off:   American Indian Delivery Service.  Or, AIDS delivery service as we were called. Things were going great until about half way through the year when all the secretaries in downtown San Francisco  started giving us funny looks every time we burst into their offices and proudly declared:  “I’ve got an AIDS delivery for ya!!”

AIDS delivery service proved to be a poor working business model.  And by the end of the year AIDS Delivery Service would be one more casualty of this great and terrible plague.

3 thoughts on “How I first heard about AIDS

  1. Hello Ace,
    This is Elinore Norflus.
    I just saw from 2007 that you spoke about me.
    I didn’t know I was a stocky babe, maybe a little .
    And I was not homeless.
    And I don’t remember any falling out with Bruce Duncan, even tho it may have happened. I started cartooning for R. Crumb, so I didn’t contribute to Tele Times any more.

    SO, did Bruce tell you all these things about me???
    Saw him about 6 years ago when I was visiting USA. Wish he would take care of himself…he didn’t look so good sitting out in front of Cody’s books.

    Never met you tho.
    I am in india.
    And am still not homeless.

    Hari OM

    1. By the way, this guy who publishes COMIC BOOK ARTIST magazine is doing a big issue about WEIRDO and he was looking to contact all WEIRDO contributors. I don’t know if he found you in India.

  2. Hi Elinore, good to hear from you. I don’t remember making that comment. Don’t think I ever met you. But I do remember Duncan describing you that way. Course Duncan had a unique — and often off-kilter — way of describing people. I do know he was thrilled that he had sort of discovered your comics, and was proud when the great Crumb went on to re-publish them in WEIRDO. Thats cool you’re in India doing Om. I’ve been a devotee of Swami Muktananda and have been doing “Om namah Shivaya” for the last 14 years. All the best — Ace in space

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