Carlos Castaneda on Drugs

Amy Wallace’s book, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, is about her years in a complicated relationship with Carlos Castaneda. It contains these words:

Carlos despised this association with drug use. He explained in books and lectures that don Juan had given him psychedelics in the beginning of the apprenticeship because his thinking was so rigid that “he needed to be blasted with dynamite.”

Wallace also says,

While Carlos eschewed recreational use of all psychedelics, he wrote in detail about how “power plants” had moved his assemblage point away from “me-me-me,” The great difficulty, he explained, was to maintain this shift when the drugs had worn off.

No matter how goofy some of his ideas were, this is one place where Castaneda is absolutely right. But the Beatles said it more elegantly–

How often have you been there?
Often enough to know.
What did you see when you were there?
Nothing that doesn’t show.

How Often Have You Been There?The sad thing is, whatever realms Castaneda visited, if what he brought back was any indication, they might be realms we had better stay out of. In personal relationships, he seems to have taken an attitude that anything he did was okay, because it was him doing it. Any act of psychic manipulation or mental cruelty could be justified by him, as part of the teaching process. His disciples were supposed to be grateful to be on the receiving end of the sorcerer’s stern attentions, his correction, mockery, and denigration.

He was not what we normally think of as a well-adjusted human being. For many who walk the paths of seekers, just to be functionally human would be enough. But for Castaneda and his associates, humanity was the booby prize. They aspired to be witches, sorcerers, Chacmools, and so forth. It’s no wonder they were weird. There is more about their leader’s seemingly unspiritual and often objectionable behavior on another page.


On Wednesday, March 5, 1997, Corey Donovan attended Part III of the Cleargreen Night Sessions (at Dance Home in Santa
Monica) and as usual took shorthand notes which he later transcribed and published. He quotes some of the dialog between Castaneda and one of his inner circle.

[Castaneda said,] “People who smoke a lot of marijuana don’t make good lovers. The father of a friend of mine in school did a study on it and concluded that because it makes their knees and elbows weak, they just lie flat on top of the woman and smother her.” Florinda groaned. “This is a science,” he responded.

Castaneda is, of course, the subject of one of the chapters of Acid Heroes.

What movies and music did Carlos Castaneda like?


One thought on “Carlos Castaneda on Drugs

  1. Of course Lennon went on to do thousands of acid trips as well as countless other drug trips after writing those “elegant” lyrics to “Baby You’re A Rich Man.”

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