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August 19, 2011

Spare change

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My favorite panhandler in Berkeley is back.  He’s this old black guy who walks up to people with an angry leer and says “Spare change, ya’ red-assed snake?” Even odder, sometimes people actually give him spare change.   To which he replies.  “Thanks.  Ya’ red-assed snake.”

I always wondered if there actually was a species of red-assed snakes.  Or if it was just some weird mixed metaphor he came up with off the top of his head.

I only tried spare changing once when I was 19.  It happened by accident.  I was walking down Skid Row in San Francisco with my doomed pal Fearless Frank and we happened to be talking about the subject of panhandling and a passerby overheard me say the word “spare change” and handed me a dollar.   I thought, “Man thats easy.”  So I gave it a try.  I sat down on the sidewalk on Mission Street.  The second guy I asked for spare change was this businessman and he turned around and shouted at me.  “SPARE CHANGE?  FUCK SPARE CHANGE!”

I was so humiliated I never tried it again.  Except for this one time.  I was sitting against the Cody’s Books building drinking a cup of coffee.  And this little old lady walked by and put a quarter in my cup.  I fished the quarter out of my coffee and figured I’d better quit while I was ahead.

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