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July 25, 2012


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  • My feral cats are too much.  For years I’ve been feeding them a diet of pretty much 100% meat.  Cans of tuna.  Cans of chunk chicken.  Cans of ham.  Or leftover restaurant food like steak burritos, and baloney and cheese sandwiches, and shrimp tortellini in rich cheese sauces.   Human food.   My cats probably eat better than 90% of the humans on the planet, no exaggeration (“As well they should,” says my friend Richard Plop).

But the other day I was at Safeway and noticed a real good deal on cat food.  Big 22 ounce cans for $1.40.  So I bought a bunch and fed them to my cats. Or tried to.  My white feral cat Blondie took one whiff of that cat food and turned her nose up.  Wouldn’t eat it.   Then she proceeded to sit 5 feet away from me and stared at me non-stop for two hours. Its like she was saying: “Geeziz!  Whats up with this cat food shit.  Get up and get me some real food, dude!  Now!!”  I’d drift asleep in my sleeping bag for a half hour and wake up and there she was still staring at me.  It was like she was trying to hypnotize me into doing her bidding.  I guess it worked.  I got up and scrounged around in a few garbage cans until I found an untouched bacon and egg on english muffin sandwich.  Exactly what she loves to eat.  I trooped back to my campsight and dumped the food in her cat dish.  Blondie gave me a look like: “Harumph!! Well its about time, asshole!”  And proceeded to chow down.

Those cats are too much.

“Don’t forget, dude, tomorrow is National Feral Cat Day!”




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  1. Awsome… I enjoyed reading your feral cat camping posts more than most I read!! I moved on to a farm that had a colony of feral cats.. but the numbers grew to staggering levels in a very short few litters.My solution, every year I steal the kittens and find them homes.. but I realize this is a short sighted plan for the cat population problems. So I am endevoring to fundraise to get my colony spayed/neutered and vaccinated. I found homes for 50 feral kittens last year… to wonderful, caring and I hope, responsible people in this area. If two of those people dont spay or neuter, those two cats left to breed unchecked, will produce over 80 MILLION offspring in only 10 years. Every year new cats, both male and female show up at my farm, most are half wild, or completely wild. I am on a limited income and have been struggling to save money to get these feral cats fixed.

    Comment by Laura Tapley — January 13, 2013 @ 11:26 pm | Reply

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