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October 11, 2012

My feral cats

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Image may contain: cat and outdoor

This is Moo Cat, the most aggro and emotional of my feral cats. She’s the only one that fights with the other cats, regularly hissing and slashing at them with her claws. She’s also the most jealous when I pay to much attention to the other cats.


Image may contain: cat

Typical aggro and half-crazed Moo Cat facial expression. She’s got a vaguely Martian looking face.

Image may contain: cat, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: cat and outdoor

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

The beautiful and alluring Blondie, matriarch of the tribe of feral cats. Fortunately she’s not particularly fecund. Two litters and 5 kittens in 5 years. She’s the only one of my feral cats who I consider completely feral. She never allows herself to be touched and always remains at least two feet away from me, even after being fed by me every day for 5 years. I think its because she had no human contact for the first 9 months of her life. They say that cats like that never adjust to human contact. I can relate because I’m kinda’ like that myself. I’m kind of reptilian. I don’t like to be touched much either. I guess I’m a feral human



Image may contain: cat and outdoor


This is Keef, one of my four feral cats. His twin sister Mick is in the background. Keef is sitting on my chest on top of my sleeping bag. He’s getting mildly annoyed that I’m not getting up and fixing him breakfast so he’s about to take a “playful” slash at my face to get my attention.






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