Hate Man makes it through another winter storm

Hate Man — former New York Times reporter turned legendary Berkeley street character.


Hate Man, as ready as ever for another winter on the streets.
The ever-resourceful Hate Man drying out his tarp after a brutal winter rainstorm. We got an inch of rain last night, but Hate stayed dry thanks to his specially rigged set up of tarps. He only got soaked when he suddenly had a craving for his beloved (or is it behated?) Haagan Das ice cream at around midnight and braved the storm to walk the 4 blocks to 7-11. Thats Hate Man for you.
At age 76 Hate Man has more energy and enthusiasm than 90% of the people who hang out in Peoples Park.
Hate Man at the center of his universe at Hate Camp in Peoples Park.



Nap time.




2 thoughts on “Hate Man makes it through another winter storm

  1. The first time I met Hate Man, he said to me, ” I don’t trust you unless you say I hate you” So I thought about it for a min. and then said ” I hate to hate you” He accepted that.

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