The war in Afghanistan


romesha_leo1 I admit I don’t follow politics too closely. Mostly because politics just pisses me off and I’m already too pissed off for my own good. So I really haven’t been following this war in Afghanistan thing. In fact I had to do a Google double-check just to make sure I was spelling Afghanistan correctly. But is anyone really following this shit? Its like the invisible war that nobody is noticing. Its been going on for what? 10 or 15 years?

What got me thinking about it was last week when Obama awarded the Medal of Army to some soldier over there, one Sgt. Clinton Romesha. “These men were outnumbered, outgunned and almost overrun,” announced Obama, proudly. But whattaya’ know, we prevailed. Horray horray. But what got me thinking was Romesha’s description of our operating procedure over there. As far as I can tell, what we’ve been doing is sending platoons of troops out to the boondocks of Afghanistan to set up “outposts.” Basically, we’re using the troops as bait to flush out the Taliban. The Taliban sees all those US troops and starts shooting at them and attacking them. And then we get to shoot back. Otherwise we’d never be able to even find the Taliban because its not like they’re marching around in uniforms carrying assault weapons. Its a guerilla war thing.

Anyways, the great hero Sgt. Romesha said they were completely surrounded, getting shot at from every direction in a firefight that went on all day. And a bunch of people got killed and wounded. But here’s the stupid part. Here’s the completely pointless thing about all this. After setting up these “outposts” and defending them to the death, after a couple months the platoon just packs up and moves to ANOTHER outpost even farther into the boondocks of Afghanistan. And repeats the whole pointless exercise all over again. Its not like we’re gaining anything. We’re not taking over territory or anything like that. Maybe I’m stuck in the old model of warfare like the Civil War or WWII where you had two armies in different uniforms and whovever killed the most got to claim the territory. But as far as I can tell, nothing is being won in Afghanistan and plenty is being lost (like billions of dollars and countless ruined lives). And now I’m told, after 10 or 15 years of this stupidity we’re finally preparing to withdraw, and then the President will announce some kind of “victory” that supposedly came out of all this pointless carnage.

Am I missing something here? Can my more politically sophisticated readers out there clue me in to something more?

And then on the news today I heard something even more bizarre. According to the latest report, last year more US soldiers died from suicide than from combat. Could that posssibly be true? I guess it makes sense since their whole mission seems to be a suicide mission.

So now I’m really pissed. I knew I should have just stuck to reading the Sports page.



One thought on “The war in Afghanistan

  1. Indeed, it is true about the military suicides; however, suicide has reached epidemic status in our society. It has even beat out car accidents as the leading cause of death. Actually, the rate of military suicides is slightly less than the general population. Basically, it’s just anothor sign of the decline of a once great Republic.

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