The Naked Guy

Telegraph Avenue Street Calendar 1994
Andrew and some fellow activists demonstrate for the right of nonsexual public nudity.


Andrew is earning some extra money by selling bumper stickers.


Andrew, again, relaxing a bit while selling bumper stickers.
You can read the slogan better in this photo.


Photos on this page copyright © 1994 Ace Backwords.



5 thoughts on “The Naked Guy

  1. Ace-
    Is the PO Box 12642 Berkeley, CA 94712 still a good one to send funds to?

    If not, please update us!

    1. That’s nice of you, Jeremy, to offer that. But I’m loaded with dough right now. So I’ll have to take a rain-check. Thanks anyways!!

  2. I was in grad school then, ’91-95! THe weekend before our recruiting visit were riots and all of amoeba’s windows were smashed and everything was boarded. THey were quite concerned we may not elect to attend Berkeley 😀 Hey if you want to go to Berkeley got to BERKELEY. I thought once Andrew agreed to the towel everyone was cool. my college was isolated so I did’t mix with the genpop then. I’m still foaming at the mouth over Ward Connerly.

  3. poor andrew I hung out with him and Phil and visited Cupertino w his GF back in 92 or 93 he wasnt naked all of the time, I remember girls talking to him because he was handsome, he told me he would end up in jail, so sad

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