The “Telegraph Avenue Street Music” CD

Some of the artists who appeared on the “Telegraph Avenue Street Music” CD in 1994.







Image may contain: 2 people
The X-plicit Players
Michael Comatoes
Ace Backwords
Katie Marin
Davey Starr
Anthony Bledsoe
Rick Starr
Craig Isy Jones







2 thoughts on “The “Telegraph Avenue Street Music” CD

    1. Yeah, hard to believe, huh? 37 years old. 1994. 20 years ago. I was into this whole John Lennon-wannabe fantasy back then. I wanted to record my Sgt Pepper-style psychedelic masterpiece, and I wanted to create genius art, and I wanted to find my Yoko Ono dream girl, and then I wanted to join the Manson Family and carve an X in my forehead. Ahh, youthful dreams. . . Where’d the time all go?

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