Obama poster and original

 So Obama’s position basically is that:  1.)  He didn’t know anything about the Benghazi scandal.  2.)   He didn’t know anything about the IRS scandal.   3.)  He didn’t know anything about the AP wiretap scandal.  And 4.)  He didn’t know anything about the Fast and Furious scandal (oh don’t even get me started on that one).  And now Obama assures us he’s gonna authorize a complete and full investigation to make sure that this kind of tomfoolery never, never, EVER happens again.  Wonderful.   Obama can basically take one of two positions:  1.) He’s a complete idiot, or 2.) he’s a lying sack of shit.

I voted for Obama in 2008.  Like a lot of people I was hoping for the best.   My opinion?  The Obama Administration is about as dirty as it gets.  Oh well, at least he wasn’t as bad as George Bush.  That stupid imbecile.   P.S.  Don’t bother to audit me for making these critical comments about Obama.  I’ve got like 20 bucks in the bank.  You slimeballs.

3 thoughts on “Obama

  1. Here’s the kicker. That ‘hope’ poster was done by an artist originally made famous for the ‘obey’ slogan. Little known fact is, he was inspired by the movie ‘they live’ to plaster ‘obey’ all over. Oh, such clever use of irony! (my sarcasm isn’t much better) Anyways, watch this clip from ‘they live’ and think how it compares to Obama’s rhetoric, particularly the use of the word ‘cynicism’. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk5tz-rfdIk
    In the movie the glasses are called ‘hofmann lenses’, get it? So, you put the glasses on and ‘hope’ turns to ‘hoax’. Obama is that political chameleon… Meh, oh well. There are brave new worlds of getting screwed, of which we have barely begun to fathom. Imagine the probabilities.

  2. And get this! Congressman Tom McClintock confronted the Obama White House a YEAR ago about the IRS targeting conservative groups. He wanted good ole Eric Holder to investigate this very disturbing affair. But the State Department informed McClintock that there wasn’t anything worth investigating here and they weren’t going to do a damn thing about it. The White House knew about this a YEAR ago!!

  3. A reporter confronted Obama on this very issue the other day, asking him point blank if anyone in the White House was aware of this IRS stuff before the recent reports came out. In typical lawyer fashion Obama prefaced his answer by saying he was going to “specifically address the question” and then he completely dodged the question. Because the honest answer would have been: “Hell yeah the Obama administration knew about the IRS targeting conservative groups and not only didn’t they do a damn thing about it but they tried to make sure nobody else knew a damn thing about it, too.”

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