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May 19, 2013

The Benghazi Scandal: The lies about the lies

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The Obama White House could have easily cleared up the Benghazi mess by answering two very simple questions: 1.) Who made up the youtube video lie? 2.) And why did they make up the youtube video lie?

Instead we’ve gotten 7 months (and counting) of political double-talk (“What difference does it make what lies we tell you?!!!”). Can anyone on the internet answer these two very simple questions for me? I’ve even numbered them — number one and number two — to make it especially easy to address them.

As to the youtube video lie (and I think “lie” is exactly the right word to describe it when people purposefully tell you things that they know are untrue, don’t you?) unbelievably, the Obama Administration is STILL sticking to their story that their source for that bullshit was the CIA. When the recently released CIA emails clearly show that the CIA was saying from day one that it was “Al Queda” and a well-orchestrated “terrorist attack.”

But what else can the Obama White House say at this point except to stick to their lie that the CIA was their source (the lie about the lie, as it were)? And just hope they can bullshit their way through with lawyer-style BS and splitting of hairs. Their only other alternative is to tell the truth (that would be a novel approach for this administration) that in fact THEY MADE UP THE WHOLE FUCKING STORY FROM THE BEGINNING!!!!!


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  1. If Hillary Clinton ever runs for office again (and I doubt that very much, her career is over) her campaign slogan will be, whether she likes it or not, “What difference does it make???”

    Comment by Ace Backwords — May 19, 2013 @ 8:34 pm | Reply

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