George Zimmerman


I admit I’m confused about most things in this life. But this one has really got me.

Blacks are shooting and killing people at four times the rate of the rest of society. Blacks make up about 12% of the US population but are committing about 50% of the murders. And in 90% of the cases, its young black men killing other black men. And yet as far as I know, there is no great concern or outrage about this within the black community. Certainly no riots or protests thats for sure.

And now we have a latino guy who shot and killed a black guy.  And now I’m told that I, as a white guy, should be feeling white guilt over this.

This life is just getting weirder and more confusing every day.


PS: Odd fact: Zimmerman actually voted for Obama

PPS: This is the part where everyone can now jump in with their smart-as-a-tack opinions about what an idiot, racist, drunkard, moron, and/or moral degenerate I am.



5 thoughts on “George Zimmerman

  1. It almost seemed like the corporate media machine was intentionally amping this story up, & loved every minute of the subsequent rioting. Those bastards almost seemed disapointed that there wasn’t a full blown race war. Btw, why isnt the media covering real issues like the Hayden assination instead of trying to stir up troubled waters, the degenerate fucks.

    1. I pretty much agree with your comments, except for the “almost seemed like.” To me, the media MOST DEFINITELY was amping up the story. People have short memories, but does anybody remember how in the first 3 or 4 months of this story the media almost always showed a photo of a 12 year old Trayvon Martin. And why did they do that? To SPECIFICALLY give a misleading and false impression of who Martin actually was (a strapping 6 foot 2, 175 pound guy in fact) . . . And who can forget MSNBC purposefully doctoring the 911 tapes to make it seem like Zimmerman was racially profiling Martin. To give but two obvious examples.

  2. There is a huge Black Civil Rights Inustry with huge $ in academic jobs, media positions tied in to spreading the meme that American Blacks’ problems all stem from evil White racism. Since few if any White against Black hate crimes ever exist, the Civil Rights industry must create some contrived morality tales, in this case the Latino guy is a White Hispanic, and his racist behavior was caused by evil White society that profiles innocent Black children as dangerous criminals.

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