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September 28, 2013

What if they declared an epidemic and nobody showed up?

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Does anybody remember back in the 1980s when all the “experts” scared the shit out of everybody by declaring that the HIV virus was “an automatic death sentence” and that once you contracted it “you’d be lucky to live another 3 months”?  Has anybody noticed that the “experts” turned out to be completely wrong about this?

Does anybody remember back in the 1980s when all the “experts” predicted that the AIDS epidemic was going to “spread like wild fire through the heterosexual community.”  Has anybody noticed that this never happened?

Does anybody remember when Berkeley virologist Prof. Peter Duesberg shocked everybody back in 1987 by claiming that “HIV was a basically simple and harmless virus” and that the people dying from AIDS were dying from other causes and not HIV?  Does anybody remember when Duesberg said that people who contracted HIV but lived otherwise healthy lifestyles would most likely live long and healthy lives?  Has anybody noticed that Duesberg turned out to be absolutely right and that’s exactly what happened with Magic Johnson and millions of people like him?

Has anybody noticed that virtually all of the people who died from AIDS, then and now, were either abusing hard drugs or living otherwise incredibly unhealthy lifestyles and that’s most likely what killed them, not the HIV virus?

Does anybody out there know of even one person — even ONE person — in their circle of friends and acquaintances who was relatively healthy, contracted the HIV virus, and then died from it?  Does anyone remember that that was exactly what all the “experts” were predicting was going to happen back in the 1980s?  Has anybody noticed that that never actually happened?

What if they declared an epidemic and nobody showed up?




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