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October 14, 2013

Yesterday, all my brain cells seemed so far away . . .(Duncan on CBS News)

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(click on picture to watch video)

     People ask me if I miss Berkeley.  My answer is:  “I miss the Berkeley of the 1990s.   And I miss the Ace Backwords of the 1990s.”
     One of my favorite lines is:  “I don’t know if the good old days were really better.  But I was better back then.”  There’s a scene on this video from 1990.  Me and Duncan striding happily down Telegraph Avenue; young, strong, ready to take on the world.  I remember the TV director staging the scene.  He said:  “Just walk down the Ave and pretend like you’re having a conversation.”  So they whole time, me and Duncan are cursing at eachother under our breaths and saying the dirtiest things imaginable.   A little subliminal inside joke to transmit through all of America’s TV sets.
     But its so weird.  I always get this feeling:  “It was like my life was just starting up, and suddenly its almost all over!”  Sometimes this life seems like a practice session.  But we die before the game really starts.  Just when I’m starting to get a handle on what this life is all about, its just about over.

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