Happy Halloween

I often walk by the entrance to this cemetery.  And I always think the same thing:  “Well, there’s my next journey.”  Death is the final adventure after all.  And I’m getting pretty close to that point of “one foot in the grave, the other foot on a banana peel.”

Who knows where we go (if anywhere) after we die.  This life is mysterious enough.  Let alone what comes after it.  But my hunch is that death is like waking up from a dream as we step into a newer and higher level of reality.

I’m going to be cremated, but if I had a tombstone I always wanted “So long, suckers!” written on it.  With a statue of a hand coming out of the dirt waving good-bye.  The TV talk show host Johnny Carson purportedly wanted “I’ll be right back” on his tombstone.  And I always liked the joke about the hypochondriac who had on their tombstone: “See, I TOLD you so!”  The writer Charles Bukowski had the enigmatic words “Don’t try” put on his tombstone.  Leaving fans to wonder if it was some kind of Zen message of non-attachment, or a statement of nihilistic fatalism.

Who knows.  But since today is Halloween its as good a day as any to indulge in ghoulish speculation.





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