Christmas 2013

Christmas is such a strange time for me. And probably a lot of people. It stirs up such a strange mix of emotions. For me its mostly feelings of sadness and regret. Followed by feelings of embarrassment because you’re required to be “merry” and “happy.” So I feel like an ass for raining on people’s parades (so shoot me).

I was Xmas shopping at Walmarts the other day and this woman was playing and singing amplified Xmas songs on her guitar. But every time I got within a 20 yard radius of her music I felt like I was going to start crying. Not even sure why. And I didn’t particularly want to know why. But it was a pain in the ass because she was set up right by the canned food section and I wanted to buy some cans of chili. But every time I got within earshot of the Xmas music I’d start choking up again. So I had to pass on the chili. It wasn’t worth it to start publicly weeping over a can of chili . . . . . Christmas complicates everything, don’t it?

I had a couple of options for people I could spend my Christmas with.  But I wisely decided to spend the whole day in bed with the covers pulled all the way up.  I had a supply of beer and cigarettes, and  an all-Beatles radio station on my headphones.  I’ve had worse Christmases.



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