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January 9, 2014

Global Warming

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I recently got in a big discussion about Global Warming (of all things) with my Facebook friends.   The first thing that surprised me was how certain most people seemed to be about their opinions.  On both sides of this issue.   Basically there were two positions people took.  1.) “Global Warming is a hoax” or 2.)  “Global Warming is a fact.”  I tended to annoy people on both sides by taking the wishy-washy position in the middle, namely:  “How would I know?   I just find the subject interesting so I’m researching it for my own amusement.”

It also seemed that many people based their opinions not so much on scientific knowledge but by their political orientations.  On whether they believed the idiots on the left of the idiots on the right (meanwhile, I had staked out my position with the idiots in the middle).

The whole debate got started by a recent news article about  a ship full of scientists on an expedition to the the south pole to study the allegedly melting polar ice caps.  Only to have their ship stranded in a huge mass of ice.  Oh the irony.  Needless to say, the Global Warming Deniers (as they’re known in some circles) made a lot of hay about this fact.  And they crowed about the predictions Al Gore had been loudly making back in 2008, like:  “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within 5 to 7 years.”  Well, its now 5 years later, and apparently that hasn’t happened.  In fact, more than 500 square miles of ocean re-froze just over the last year, for an increase of 29%.”  Much to the surprise, and bafflement, of some Global Warming scientists.

On the other hand, the Global Warming Proponents point out that, even with the recent growing ice caps, we’re still well below the “historical norms.”  (I’ll get back to this point later)

The Global Warming Deniers have also been making a lot of hay about recent record ice  cold temperatures all across the globe.  “Some Global Warming,” snicker snicker.    To which the Global Warming Proponents respond with similar know-it-all snickers regarding the “simple-minded” people who assume that just because they called it “Global Warming” doesn’t necessarily mean the temperatures on the globe will actually get warmer (gee, where could anybody have gotten that idea?).  In fact, according to the Global Warming theory,  we should be getting extreme, fluctuating temperatures of both hot and cold weather. (To make a gross over-simplification of the basic theory — which, of course, is my wont —  when the polar ice melts, the now-unfrozen water will drift down to other regions and cool off their temperature.   Bringing us to the 1984-ish sounding Newspeak conclusion that “Global Warming will lead to Global Cooling”).  And in fact, they’ve now changed the name of their theory  to “Climate Change” so that people (“the simpletons”)  will no longer come to that mistaken conclusions.   Which begs the question of why these fucking geniuses came up with the misleading term “Global Warming” in the first place.

For the record (not that anyone gives a shit what I think one way or the other, ha ha) I feel the basic premise of Global Warming seems plausible.  And its certainly worth funding.  Just the fact of the incredible human population explosive over the last century must surely have all sorts of affects on global conditions.

My own position (along with my afore-mentioned “How-the-hell-would-I-know?”) is this.  Yes, I’m not a scientist.  This is just my hunch as a layperson.  I think a  lot of these scientists seem to be biting off a lot more than they can chew.  A lot of these scientists seem to be a lot more certain about things that I really wonder how certain they really are.

Getting back to the so-called “historical norms.”  The basic premise of Global Warming is that over the last 50 years global conditions have seriously deviated from what had been the normal conditions on planet earth for thousands of years.  Which naturally begs the question:  How do they know that?  How do they know what the conditions were like thousands of years ago.  In fact, we’ve only had instruments to measure things like “global temperatures” for about 100 years.  The scientists claim they can extrapolate the other measurements, going back thousands of years (allegedly) by studying the rings on trees and rooting around fossilized turds, and etc.  Ooooh-key. . . .  And it really starts to sound pretty sketchy and flakey to this layperson.  Just my opinion.   One of my more scientifically-minded Facebook friends sent me an article with the headline:  “Last time  carbon dioxide level was this high: 15 million years ago, scientists report.”  Call me a flat-earther, but I seriously doubt these scientists have the SLIGHTEST idea what the carbon dioxide levels were 15 million years ago.  But that’s just me.  It seems to me, we have such a small sample size of factual knowledge about global conditions, that it seems extremely difficult to come up with what the “historical norms” actually were.  Let alone whether we’re seriously deviating from them

(In other words, maybe we might want to tone down on the alarmist, sky-is-falling-down rhetoric just a tad, Al.)

Further complicating the issue  is how politicized this issue has become.  I was slightly shocked to find out from the World Economic Forum that we’re “spending a billion dollars a day to combat Global Warming.”  So there’s a lot of money being thrown around and a lot of livelihoods at stake (not that this would effect the objective purity of these noble scientists)  (sure).  And then on the other side you have the scientists being paid by the oil companies to come up with their “objective” conclusions (and i wouldn’t trust them as far as I could spit, neither).  So in other words, you gotta wade through miles of manure from every direction.

I guess I should add as a disclaimor (since I’m touching on the issue of biases):  I’ve always loathed Al Gore.  Every time I see that guy I think of “Al Stone.”   That’s the phony name he allegedly gave this massage therapist who claimed he sexually harassed her.  For the record, I also loathe that aptly-named reptile Newt Gingrich.   I’m not sure exactly what all this has to do with the level of ice at the polar ice cap.  But there you go.



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  1. The “scientists” were on a SUMMER trip to see the disappearing ice down in Antarctica w/ reporters & a documentary film crew
    The SUMMER trip was down at the SOUTH pole not up here where it is winter, so the irony is that the ship got stuck in ice they claimed was disappearing during their SUMMER exploration
    The ship & an ice breaker got stuck, three ice breakers sent to rescue & one of those ice breakers
    also got stuck in the ice
    The lead professor has founded a process to capture CO2 by microwaving trees
    & his company stands to profit handsomely if he can sell the idea
    BTW global warmists lost me when they said CO2 was a pollutant bc trees need CO2 & we need oxygen
    As far as measuring the earth’s temperature, that has only been done recently (last 34 years, by satelites, & the satelites don’t measure the actual temperature), so it is far too early to see if anything is out of the norm.
    The accuracy of making precision thermometers is also relatively new especially compared to earth’s age

    Comment by Geo — January 10, 2014 @ 5:25 am | Reply

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