Springtime in Stalingrad

My favorite Stalin quote:  “Anybody can kill their enemies.  It takes a real man to kill their friends.”

There are three “comrades” for ya’.  Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky (somebody get me an icepick).  They’ll keep you warm all right.  The estimated number of people killed under the Stalin regime ranges from 3 to 60 million.  Give or take a mil.

I admit I have a special distaste for Trotsky.   Trotsky was the slick-talking intellectual who could deliver a nice-sounding schpiel that promised a Better Tomorrow.  Lenin was the guy who could get behind a microphone and take Trotsky’s horseshit and turn it into inspiring speeches that roused the rabble.  And Stalin was the end result of their bullshit.

I don’t know if you’ve read the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, but the pig named Snowball was directly patterned after Trotsky. I should add, I think Orwell intended that the Snowball/Trotsky character was a positive  and sympathetic portrayal.  Snowball was the wise and well-meaning, idealistic revolutionary who’s righteous rhetoric was corrupted by that evil meanie Stalin. I guess I put a different spin on it.

I mean, take a good look at this photo. The Three Stooges. There’s the brainy Trotsky sitting next to his good buddy, his good comrade Joseph Stalin. If Trotsky wasn’t bright enough to see THAT coming, I don’t think he was bright enough to see much of anything else, either.



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