The HIV Hoax

This is one of the more controversial comics I did back in 1993. I came out in support of UC Berkeley virologist Dr Peter Duesberg’s theory that the HIV virus had nothing to do with AIDS. Even the sleazy porn papers that were running my comics back then refused to run this one. That’s me. “Too sleazy for porn.” Ha ha.


One of the most interesting things is to go back to 1990 and read all the predictions from all of the AIDS “experts” and then read Duesberg’s predictions. I’ll give you just one. The “experts” were saying that HIV was an “automatic death sentence” and “you’d be lucky to live 6 months.” Duesberg was saying “HIV is a harmless virus, and if you’re healthy otherwise you’ll continue to live a long, healthy life even with the HIV virus in your system.” Guess who turned out to be right?


I will throw out this one general question to anyone living in the San Francisco Bay Area —  the so-called “epicenter” of this “plague”: Do you know even one person, personally, who was otherwise healthy and died from AIDS? Someone who was otherwise healthy and died from the HIV virus alone? Because that’s EXACTLY what all the “experts” predicted was gonna’ happen.   At “epidemic” levels. I did have one friend who slammed heroin and speed for 20 years. When he finally died from drug burn-out the docs found he had HIV in his system and claimed he died from AIDS. Thats how they’ve been keeping score. (Imagine someone gets shot in the head with a gun and dies.  Then when they do the autopsy they find the person has HIV in his system so they declare he died “from HIV-AIDS.”  Absurd, no?  Well thats basically how these quacks have been keeping score all these years.) But an otherwise healthy person who contracted the HIV virus and died from the virus alone? Nope. I don’t know a single person, personally. In 35 years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fact: Healthy people who contracted the HIV virus ( like Magic Johnson to give one of countless examples) continue to live long and healthy lives.


Fact: Healthy people who contracted HIV and were then blasted with the toxic poison AZT (like Arthur Ashe to give one of many examples) unfortunately quickly die.  And again its worth noting re whos predictions turned out to be right: It was all the AIDS “experts” were reccomending AZT back then. While Duesberg was warning against it Very few of these fucking  “experts” are recommending AZT nowadays.  Thank God. I’m gonna make one quick point to sum up my position.  Almost ALL of the people who died from AIDS had the HIV virus, but they ALSO had some other health factor that could have killed them:  They were doing hard drugs; they were poisioned by AZT; they had outrageously unhealthy sex practises contracting venereal diseases countless times.  Does anybody remember that cute blonde boy Kevin Whatshisname who was the AIDS poster boy for awhile?  He was a hemophiliac.  And THAT’S what he died from.  And no surprise there.  Meanwhile, all the people who have HIV but live otherwise healthy lives continue to live long and healthy lives. Apply a little simple cause-and-effect logic to this scenerio and see what conclusion you come up with.

  • Some of you people have very short memories.  Some of you have forgotten what freaked everybody out back in 1982 when the “experts” declared that the “AIDS epidemic” was upon us.  This idea that you could have sex with somebody, contract the HIV virus, and then shrivel up and die in 6 months.  Guess what?  It never happened.  I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 35 years.  The very “epicenter” of this so-called “plague.”  And yet I don’t know one single person, personally, that this happened to.  Not one.  Do you?  And the reason why this never happened is because the fucking “experts” were wrong.  Completely and totally wrong.
    I told you that 20 years ago.  I’ll still be telling you that 20 years from now when the rest of you figure out what really happened.

4 thoughts on “The HIV Hoax

  1. Very true. But how do we deal with this deception. I am an african and it is more than a taboo to disagree with this hoax.

    1. There’s no way to deal with it. People have been so brainwashed by 40 years of nonsense from the medical establishment and the media. It’s one of those issues that’s virtually impossible to have a rational discussion with th average person.

  2. If you don’t know one single person who died of AIDS in SF in the 1980s, then you don’t know any gay men – or anyone, for that matter. Thousands died.

    1. You moron. Why don’t you read what I actually SAID. I’ve yet to meet a single person, personally, who died from AIDS who didn’t have some other health factor, aside from HIV, that could have been the cause of death. And almost certainly WAS the true cause of their death.

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