The original cover art for Acid Heroes



This was the original cover art for my Acid Heroes book, which was sort of a scathing account of the ’60s psychedelic movement and its aftermath. The thing totally bombed. So I guess I didn’t do a very good job on it.

I have massive regrets about how that book turned out. Its only about 25% of what I intended. In part because of the difficult circumstances while I was writing it. Try writing, editing and publishing a 300 page book while homeless and living out of a sleepingbag. During the rainy season. On top of that my best friend was in the process of dying an agonizing death (he would be dead a month after it was published). I guess it’s a miracle we were able to produce anything. So I’m grateful for that. And that me and Pat survived the experience. If only barely.No automatic alt text available.

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