Has anybody out there had much luck with therapists?  I tried going to a shrink for awhile back in 1996.  But after 3 or 4 sessions I was having such a depressing effect on my therapist that I quit going out of concern for her welfare.

The first time I tried therapy it was one of those “poor people” programs.  Ya know?  You get free therapy in exchange for letting young interns practice on you.  The shrink I got was this young German babe, about 25, just out of college.  I was one of her first patients.  I thought:  “The poor dear.  Starting out with a monster like me.”  She seemed to get more distressed and disturbed with each session.

The second guy I went to, he said:  “My specialty is prescribing medication.”  He  put me through all these blood tests, and etc, and he had all these charts and graphs and numbers.  . . . I kinda’ felt like I was a car or a machine and this guy was trying to hook me up with the right 40- weight oil or something.

I think the reason so many shrinks went over-board with prescribing pills is because, frankly, they got sick of hearing their patients endlessly whining about their mothers, and etc.  “Here!  Just take these and shut the f up!”

Another problem I have with therapy.  I’m such an egomaniac I kept thinking:  “I’m telling her all these interesting stories.  She should be paying ME!”

I guess finding a therapist is like finding a girlfriend.  If you find the right one it can be wonderful. . . .  Course, I’ve never had much like in that department, either.



One thought on “Therapy

  1. I had a lot of luck and improvement with talk therapy. Some of the therapists were not too good. But some were very very good. 300 hours. One hour a week.
    I also read a lot of books on psychology. Now, no drugs or alcohol for me. I’m still messed up, but I know it and I don’t act stupid.
    It takes a lot of work and time. It may not be for everybody. It helped me a lot.
    A new, young, inexperienced intern can be good because they’re not burned out. They are very enthusiastic. They have good intentions.

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