The Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten Garbage Patch doll


Here’s a blast from the past.

John K asked me:  “Did Speigelman rip you off?”

I doubt Speigelman even saw this one.  And its one of those “obvious” ideas for a parody that I’m sure a lot of cartoonists might have come up with.

I’m not even sure who did it first.  I did this one in 1983.  On the original art,  if you look at the fine-print on the bottom you can see “copyright 1983.”  Originally this was an actual magazine ad that I re-worked with white-out.  And I left the small print in to give it more of a legitimate ad feel.

But I remember being slightly annoyed when I saw Speigelman’s Garbage Pail thing later, because it stole a bit of my thunder.   Reminds me of the story of this band that had a local hit with the song “Hey Joe” in 1965.  And just as they were starting to build an audience from the song, Hendrix heard it, recorded his version of it in 1966 and had a smash hit with it.  And after that, every time the band played “Hey Joe” the audience just thought they were doing a Hendrix cover, they thought they were ripping off Hendrix.  Ha ha.  That’s show business.

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