What did YOU want to be when you grew up?


When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be one of the Monkees.  A lot of kids wanted to be Beatles.  But that seemed out of reach.  I mean, nobody could be a Beatle.  But anybody could be a Beatles-wannabe.  And the Monkees were the best of the Beatles-wannabes.

It seemed really cool the way that the Monkees all lived together in a house that was kind of like a zany clubhouse.  And they were all funny and friendly, and they got to do creative stuff like play in a band and make hit records.  And they always had all these hot chicks chasing after them.  Even the dorky Peter occasionally scored with the chicks.

Being a Monkee seemed pretty darn cool.  I mean, it seemed cooler than growing up to be a farmer or an accountant or something.

I was of that first generation that was completely weaned on television.  That generation that can’t remember a world without television.  My very first childhood memory —  age 2, 1958 —  involved television.

Nowadays, I’ll hear kids say they want to grow up to be a basketball player, or a rock star, or a Hollywood movie actor, or a talk show host, or a cartoonist . . . and I’ll sort of cringe.  I just wonder how much of my mental problems are directly related  to all those years of my youth that I spent immersed in the completely unrealistic fantasy world of television.

Not that I wouldn’t have had mental problems without television.  I just would have had a different kind of mental problems.



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