Acid Heroes

May 12, 2014

Philosophy 102


When I was a little boy I used to look up to the sky and wonder how far it went.  It just seemed to go on forever.  And I had this little sing-song jingle I used to repeat to myself as I tried to grasp the concept of infinity:  “Forever and ever and all day night” (I was quite the budding little junior philosopher). . .  I’d try to imagine what the universe would be like if it came to an end.  And I’d imagine a wall or a fence at the end of the universe.  But then I figured if there was a wall, there would have to be something on the other side of the wall.  So, as hard as it was for me to wrap my head around the concept of infinity, it was even harder for me to imagine a finite world.

And then sometimes I’d think about the molecular world.  Even though we can’t see them, most of us have faith that the world is made up of atoms.  And every now and then somebody will blow off an Atom Bomb and that’ll sort of restore our faith in the molecular world, like:    “Yep, there sure are those fucking atoms out there, that’s for damn sure!”  And then I’m told that atoms are made up of sub-molecular particles like protons and nuetrons.  So it occurred to me that the protons and nuetrons must in turn be made up of sub-sub-molecular particles.  Which in turn are made up of even smaller particles.  And so on.  And, just like the universe keeps getting bigger and bigger for all eternity, the molecular world keeps getting infinitely smaller forever.  So we got an infinitely expanding universe with the cosmos, and an infinitely regressing universe with the microcosm.

Then I got to think about all the microscopic creatures that are like living in the pores of our faces and stuff like that.  You’ve probably seen the photos.  They can be pretty creepy.  If you didn’t know the scale, you’d think they were giant insects or rhinoceroses or any other creature from this plane of existence, because their bodies and their worlds are just as intricately detailed as ours.  So it occurred to me that these microscopic creatures probably in turn have micro-microscopic creatures living in the pores on their faces.  Who also have even smaller creatures living on their faces.  And its like this plane of existence that we live on is just one tiny slice of the onion of endless world’s within world’s within worlds.  It’s pretty bizarre and amazing when you think about it (and I’m not even smoking pot!).

Some people — sort of the pragmatic and practical type of people — have a hard time conceiving of the cosmic or the mystical side of life.  I’m the opposite.  I have a hard time conceiving of a mundane world.  It just seems like we’re surrounded by Infinity in every direction we look.



  1. I hope you and me don’t sound pretentious, but I completely agree. I don’t know how people walk around all day fully conceived of their mundane world. That’s what they do, I shouldn’t judge, but i cannot wrap my head around it. Infinity is just so much more interesting.

    Comment by Ray H — May 12, 2014 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

  2. Of course!

    Comment by Darrell Legg — May 12, 2014 @ 7:25 pm | Reply

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