Hollywood Values




7 dead after gunman promises a ‘day of retribution’ in video

Seven people are dead and seven others hurt in California after a lone gunman in a black BMW opened fire in a series of drive-by shootings in a coastal college town just hours after promising “retribution” for his lonely life in an on-line video.


You can tell he’s a Hollywood kid.  A perfect example of Hollywood values.  The narcissism, the total self-absorption, the obsessive devotion to his personal pleasure, the dehumanization of other people.  He probably thought he was was shooting at simulated video game targets and not real human beings.  He even leaves behind a video press release to get his one day of fame before he’s pushed off the headlines by the next nut. . .   Reminds me of why I threw away my TV and stopped watching Hollywood movies 25 years go.  To try and inoculate myself from the poison they spew over the airwaves 24-7.

“What went wrong?”  I don’t know.  But it’s probably a good thing we’re at least asking the question.

The thing that infuriated me the most about his insane schpiel was the bit about how “Everybody else is having fun except me.  I’m the  only one that’s suffering.  Its so-o-o unfair!!”  When in fact I haven’t met one single person — in all walks of life — who hasn’t suffered plenty in their own way.  It’s one of the universal aspects of human life, ain’t it?  Nobody is spared.  But with some of these self-absorbed assholes, it’s only THEIR suffering that ever matters.

Things just seem to get grimmer and flatter every day in these United States.  I don’t know if I’m hallucinating or if it’s really real.  But when I read the daily headlines nowadays it’s like watching the collapse of  American civilization in slow motion.  Drip by drip.  It’s only when I look back 20, 30 years and remember how things once were, that I realize how far we’ve fallen.



2 thoughts on “Hollywood Values

  1. One part upper middle class entitlement, one part narcissistic self absorption, one part alienation/estrangement, throw in a few days of new synthetic drugs & a Grand Theft Auto 5 desensitization/behavioral condoning & you have an instant wind-up-doll-mass-killer. Today’s society is just fertile with this lethal combination.

  2. The poet/seer Robinson Jeffers saw the beginning of our decline upon entering into WW II and expressed his dismay in the poem “Shine, Perishing Republic.” Bukowski said society reached its apex in 1970.

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