“Cooking in the Kitchen of Love” with your Chef Boy R. D., Ace Backwords


I’ve been experimenting with my cuisine.  I decided to give this vegetable thing a try.   So I got some of the those yellow things —  zucchini I guess you call it, which I’m assuming is the same thing as squash, right?  They’re not bad, in a bland sort of way.  The problem with vegetables, though, is that you have to know how to cook them.  Whereas with meat, all you gotta’ do, really, is just sort of heat it up.  And that’s your Backwords kitchen tip for today!

First I nuked the carrots for 2 minutes to get ’em suitably flabby.  Though I wondered:  Does that deplete any of the essential minerals and vitamins?  The only reason I’m eating the damn things in the the first place is because they’re allegedly Good For Me.  So I don’t want to defeat the whole purpose.

(Crucial tip: According to one of my Facebook friends — so it must be true — cooked carrots are actually easier to digest, and hence healthier, than un-cooked carrots.  You learn something new every day . . . Another fierce debate was:  steaming versus microwave.  I opted for microwaving because it’s simpler, and that’s usually nature’s way of guiding us.)

Next, I threw the carrots in the frying pan with two slabs of boneless pork steaks — moderately burned to perfection.  Added the yellow things.   Then I garnished the veggies with some succulent black and green olives that had been sitting around in my refrigerator (nothing abnormal about that, is there?).  And for spices I loaded the thing up with delicious salt and pepper.




2 thoughts on ““Cooking in the Kitchen of Love” with your Chef Boy R. D., Ace Backwords

  1. Looks like you’re on the road to healthy living there Ace… Looks good in the picture. How did it taste? That’s the important part. You won’t eat it, whether it’s good for you or not, unless it tastes good to you.
    By the way, the yellow squash (yes it is a squash) is called appropriately yellow crookneck or yellow straightneck squash depending on whether or not the “neck” of the squash is straight or (you got it) crooked. Zucchini is a long phallic-looking green squash.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I gotta’ remember that. Zucchini is the green stuff. I gotta’ be up on the technical jargon if I want my cooking blog to catch on with the masses.

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