Still Moo Cat after all these years

“IS THAT REALLY YOU??” The look Moo Cat gave me after not seeing me for 10 months.

I’d been gone for 10 months.  So I wasn’t sure if Moo Cat the feral cat would still be hanging around my campsite.  Or if she had even survived in my absence.  Or how she would react to me if she was still there.  Would she even remember me?  10 months is a long time in the life of a feral cat

So I was thrilled when I spotted her sitting about 30 yards up the hill.  As if she’d been waiting for me for 10 months.  I put some cat food in the dish and waited.  Finally, after a long period of hesitation, Moo Cat came trotting down the hill.  Cautiously.  There was another moment of indecision as she debated whether to cross over to my side of the creek.  Finally she jumped over.

Then she stopped a couple feet away from me and began pacing back and forth, meowing constantly at me.  It sounded like she was crying or that she was distressed.  Or maybe it was her way of saying hello to me.  Who knows.  Cats are hard to read.  They’re such spooky creatures.  But I could tell if I made a move towards her, she’d run. So I just sat there. And waited. . ..

Moo Cat polished off the swiss cheese first, then she devoured the chunk chicken.  Then when she was done eating she came over to me to check me out.   She circled around me several times, like she was still afraid to get too close to me or she couldn’t make up her mind if I was safe.  She probably hadn’t been touched by another human in 10 months.  Finally she let me give her a little pat on the top of her head.  And it was like the dam had broken.  She started jumping all over me, rubbing against me and purring so loud she started making these clucking sounds like a chicken.  She even got so excited she bit me on the hand, breaking a few drops of blood, just like old times.  Ha ha.  I swear that cat is half nuts.

I left a couple more cans of chunk chicken in the cat-food dish, and then headed back off towards civilization (so-called).  Still no sign of Blondie, Mick and Keef.  Wonder if they’re gone for good.

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