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July 22, 2014

Morning with Moo Cat

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A buncha’ pictures of a feral cat for no particular reason. This is Moo Cat.


I always wonder when the cats do that close-their-eyes thing if its like they’re meditating. They’re shutting out the world and looking inwards, plugging into that inner hum of the universe…. . . Or maybe they’re just sitting there thinking: “Man, my tummy is full. This is great!”


Moo Cat showed up at my campsite at the crack of dawn. The first thing she always does is meow at me a couple times. This little croaking sound she makes. I think its her way of saying: “Hey! Its me. Are you happy to see me?” She’s usually a little tentative and wary when she approaches me…And I think its also to alert me: “Hey! I’m walking here. Don’t step on me, you klutz.” She knows I’m usually a little damaged when I wake up in the morning. …. And I suspect humans do look a little klutzy to cats, especially in the woods. Cats have excellent night vision while I’m staggering around blindly. And they’re graceful and agile in the hilly terrain while I can barely walk two feet. . . . But they’re always impressed at how adept I am with a can-opener. Especially at feeding time.


I don’t know what it is about a happy, purring cat that I find so reassuring. Its like “om” or something the way they purr. Like they’re emitting a vibration that balances the universe.


Moo Cat loves cheese. If I put out 4 different kinds of food, she always goes for the cheese first. I have no idea what you’re suppose to feed cats. So I let the cats decide. If they really like certain foods, thats what I feed them. They probably know whats best. Today I gave her a big chunk of cheddar cheese. Later, when I wasn’t looking, she snuck into my pack and pulled out the cheese. I do the basic wet and dry catfood bit. But I also feed them plenty of human fo…od. Tunafish, chunk chicken, hot dogs. Especially when I was working the recycling job I would find tons of primo leftover restaurant food. I figured it was probably a good idea to expose their taste buds to a wide variety of foods in case they ever had to resort to dumpster-diving…..I’m told you shouldn’t give cats bread. Not because they can’t digest it. But because they dont brush their teeth and its bad for their teeth.


Thats the look Moo Cat gives me after she’s been fed. Like she’s saying: “Yeah. Thats the way to do it! Keep up the good work.”







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