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August 1, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Feral Cats

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Moo Cat staring down Blondie.  They’ve been feuding for years.

One of the weird thing about my feral cats:  They all like me and get along with me.  But they can’t stand each other.  When another cat shows up, they’ll start glaring at each other and making that high-pitched screeching sound that cats make, that translates into English as:  “If you take one step closer to me I’ll kick your friggin’ ass, buddy boy!!”

The cats were all friendly and bonded with each other up until around age 2.  Then something changed in them.  It became every-cat-for-himself.  I guess because of the severe competition for food and territory.

The twins, Mick and Keef, were inseparable for the first two years.  They were constantly playing with each other, romping around.  And they’d sleep together curled up in a ball.  They’d even spend hours grooming each other with their tongues.  But as they got older, even they grew cool and distant towards each other.  I wonder if that’s just a feral cat thing.  House-cats generally get along with each other, don’t they?

I had assumed that cats were more of a “pack” creature.  But all the cats in my neck of the woods are all solitary loners.  After they eat, they each head off in different directions.

Moo Cat, of course, is the worst.  She’s constantly picking fights with everybody.  You get the feeling that if every cat in the world was dead and she was the only cat left in the world, that would suit her just fine.  Ha ha.

The ever-aggro Moo Cat

Every time another cat shows up, she not only acts pissed and threatening, she actually seems righteously offended.  Like:  “How dare this other cat intrude on my world!!  The sheer gall of this shameless hussy is almost too much to bear!!”  Then she’ll give me an imploring look, like I’m a complete idiot and its all my fault, like:  “Can’t you do anything about this??  The least you could do is stop feeding that bitch!!”
Blondie is the most timid of the cats.  And I have to do all sorts of tricks to make sure she gets her food and doesn’t get bullied out of it by the other cats.  “Hey, Moo Cat!  Look over here!  I got a piece of cheese for you!!”  Then I’ll slip Blondie her dish of food in the other direction.
They remind me of little children in a way.  This little tribe of lost boys and girls.




  1. Four legs good two legs bad. Four legs good two legs bad. Four legs good two legs bad.

    Comment by Head for the hills — August 3, 2014 @ 10:37 pm | Reply

  2. I once met a guy who had a lot of cats. We were at a dumpster and we were getting stuff that he could use for his cats. It was a type of food that people eat also. It was a milk product. He was eating it and meowing at the same time like a cat

    Comment by Head for the hills — August 5, 2014 @ 10:23 pm | Reply

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