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August 25, 2014

To forgive is divine. To apologize is embarrassing.

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We were talking about the subject of apologies yesterday.  Saying your sorry and stuff.  Which reminded me of something.

This one time, I’m riding my bike.  Blasting down the street at top speed.  As I always did back then.  And just as I’m passing this car that’s parked on the curb, the guy in the driver’s seat opened up his door.  Right into the bike lane.  I hit the door at top speed.  Anyone familiar with the Laws of Physics knows this is a bad thing.  My bike came to a complete and sudden stop. I went flying over the door and into the air.   As if having been shot out of a catapult.  I did several graceful somersaults in mid-air in slow-motion (exaggeration).  Before crashing to the ground and skidding and bouncing across the pavement for several yards.  Before I, thankfully, came to a stop.  I got up with fists clenched and death in my eyes (in other words:  “KILL!  KILL!  KILL!”).  I’m generally in a bad mood even on a good day.  So you can imagine how I felt.  My pants were torn and I could feel the blood dripping down my leg.  My bike was lying in the middle of the street in a strangely mangled form.  I walked over to the guy in the car to have a few words with him.  Perhaps even more than a few words.  He said:  “Oh man are you alright?  I’m sorry.  I fucked up.”  I was immediately placated.

I’m a big believer in apologies, I guess.


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