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September 12, 2014

Feral territorial pissing: Starring that grouch Moo Cat

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  • Ace Backwords's photo.Moo Cat, growling. She has such an expressive face, you can see how angry she is. Her attitude is: “It’s Moo Cat’s world, we just live in it.” She always gives me a dirty look whenever I feed the other feral cats. Like: “Why the hell are you doing that? It only encourages them!”

    Ace Backwords's photo.

    Moo Cat. Wildly indignant. This other feral cat is daring to approach the catfood dish. That should rightfully be her’s, and her’s alone.



    Ace Backwords's photo.

    Moo Cat pissed. Can’t understand why other cats aside from her exist on this plane of reality.

    Ace Backwords's photo.

    The evil one, Moo cat, grumbling and growling as another feral cat dares to enter her domain. . . . I learn a lot from observing my feral cats. They enact the same basic dramas that humans enact. But on a simpler and more basic level. Which makes them a little easier to understand.


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