The Eucalyptus Grove



Whenever I come to the Eucalyptus Grove on the Berkeley campus I always have a weird acid flashback to 1993.  At the time, I used to like to take LSD and come out here with my guitar and sing my weird songs to the cosmos.

I had this stupid idea back then of recording an album of original music.  It was going to be my psychedelic masterpiece.  I planned on calling it “Private Pepper.”   As sort of a pun.  Because I was aspiring towards that psychedelic Beatles sound.  And because my music had been a private little thing with me that I rarely shared with the public.  This friend of mine had built a home-recording studio with an 8-track reel-to-reel tape recorder and DATs and all kinds of amazing toys.  So we recorded 12 of my hit songs.  And he added all sorts of amazing psychedelic effects.   And I swear to God, if you took enough drugs it actually sounded like music.

But anyways, I was remembering one haunting song I used to sing here in the Grove back in the olden days of 1993.  It was called “We’re Never Coming Down.”  Because that was one of the stupid things I aspired to back then.  I believed that the psychedelic state was this expanded level of consciousness.  So I wanted to permanently attain that state.  “To get high and never come down,” as Richard “Ram Dass” Alpert used to put it.


Course it didn’t occur to me at the time.  The other side of the bargain.  That you could get high and never come back down to earth.








One thought on “The Eucalyptus Grove

  1. that Grove is an amazing place, I used to go there and smoke herb every day and feed the birds. It got to the point that when I would step foot in the grove a bunch of sparrows would fly and ladn right in my path expecting some bread crumbs or what ever else I had. The Grove is a very spiritual place.

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