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September 20, 2014

Remember how Lucy was always able to talk Charlie Brown into taking a kick at the football?

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Moo Cat, refusing to take no for an answer.  As usual.

I go through this just about every night.


I get to my campsite around midnight.  Crawl into my sleeping bag.  And I’m just about to go to sleep.  When Moo Cat, the feral cat, shows up.  She immediately starts meowing at me.  It’s her “FEED ME!   FEED ME!” meow.  I tell her:  “You know what’s going to happen if I take out the cat food now.”   But she persists with her meowing.   To hear her crying you’d think she was starving to death.  Her stomach is bulging out on both sides from all the food I feed her.  But to hear her, you’d think there was no way she could make it all way through the night until her breakfast feeding in the morning. . . .   I crawl all the way into my sleeping bag and cover my head under the covers because I know what’s coming next.  Moo Cat starts taking these “playful” little jabs with her claws in the general direction of my head, along with even more persistent pleadings. . .   Finally, I get up and say:  “All right already!”  Open up a big can of cat food and dump it into the cat food dish.   Moo Cat eagerly takes 4 or  5 big gulps of the cat food.  Then she suddenly bolts off into the woods in a panic.  This big mob of hairy raccoons immediately pops up out of nowhere and descends on the cat food and spends the next 15 minutes devouring all the cat food in a feeding frenzy of grunts and howls and shrieks. . .

I go through this same bullshit virtually every night.   What can I say.  I have a hard time turning down a cat.



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