Be Here Meow



This struck me as odd last night.  I have an incredibly happy cat.  She slept with me all night long last night, as she often does.  And she laid there purring away all night long.

Periodically during the course of the night, like four or five times, I woke up in the middle of these really weird dreams.   These sad, painful, traumatic, intense, tragic, melancholy kind of dreams.  The kind of dreams where you lay there thinking:  “Why is there this deeply disturbed process going on in my soul?”

Then I’d look up and there’s my cat lying on my chest.  Just purring away.  Without a care in the world.  (She even does this thing when I turn over on my side while I’m sleeping.  She doesn’t fall off of me.  She manages to scramble to keep her balance and sleep on top of my side.  She reminds me of those loggers who keep their balance as they’re standing on the logs that are floating down the river even though the logs are spinning round and round.)

So I’m thinking:  The cat is this simple, basic animal with a very small brain.  And she has no idea where her next meal is coming from.  Or what she’s supposed to be doing with her cat life.  Let alone any kind of grand retirement plan for how she’s going to deal with her old age.  And yet, she’s perfectly happy.

While I’m a human being with this relatively big brain, and this incredibly complex life with this myriad of possibilities.  And yet, I’m the one that’s miserable.

I thought, maybe I should give some thought to see if I could figure out this quandary. . . .   But then I thought, maybe that’s the problem.


2 thoughts on “Be Here Meow

  1. Ace, you really need to read a very short story by E.B. White called “The Door.” It’s only a little over 2000 words and an incredible read. It may not ease the disturbance in your soul but it sure will help to explain it!
    Here is a link to read it online:

    Enjoy the story and remember: “…it only means a whiff of ether, a few deft strokes, and the higher animal becomes a little easier in his mind and more like the lower one.”

  2. In many ways, I think this is one of the best you’ve ever written. Be here me ow is such a great title and it fits the subject matter. There are a number of books written about this curse of the human brain. If we had more gratitude, we could be as happy as the cat and more so
    We evolved as hominids for 3 million years. Than in the last 11,000 years things have changed a lot. Now we have metal tools and writing and so on. In the last 200 years, things have rapidly changed a lot. Let us enjoy the vitamins, the food, The clothing, the many things that we have that a cat does not have. Learn from the cat and enjoy today, and whatever health you have left. With only a small amount of money, you can really be on top of things. It’s all in your mind.

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