Mysterious Blondie the slightly spooky feral cat



Blondie the feral cat has been doing this weird thing lately.  She lays there about 20 feet away from me, directly across from me, STARING at me.  For hours!    I woke up this morning and there she was, as usual.  Doing her staring thing.  I figured she was waiting to be fed.  But when I put out the cat food she shows no interest (I’ve been putting out tremendous feasts for them at night, so they’re often not hungry in the morning). . .

And then, this morning, after I packed up my campsite, I’m walking down the trail and I look back and notice Blondie is following me.  She’s running after me.  When I start getting near the road she stops and sort of sits on her perch, but she keeps watching me as I hit the road and head back towards civilization (so-called).  Weird.  I almost feel like telling her:  “Ya know, it’s really not polite to stare at a person like that.”  Ha ha.  You know cats.  Politeness is usually not big on the cat agenda.

In some ways it annoys me.  I mean, she’s constantly coming up to me.  But if I so much as make the slightest move towards her,  she goes running away from me.   Even after 7 years together.  . .  And when I’m putting the cat food in the dish, she’ll crowd right next to me, her head will come within a fraction of an inch of my hand as I’m scooping out the cat food.  But if I so much as brush against her in the slightest, she goes running backwards.   Then she’ll sit there looking all shocked and flustered.  Like, “How DARE you!”  Like I’ve breached some bond of trust between us. . .  Some times I feel like saying to her:  “Ya know?  This is really ridiculous!  You’d think after SEVEN YEARS that you’d realize by now that I mean you no harm.  But NOOO!!”

Cats are weird.  They have a cat logic that is all their own.


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