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October 12, 2014

The return of K

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Ran into K for the first time in almost two years.  Was on the University Avenue bus heading back from my storage locker.  And I noticed this cute, young chick with her back to me sitting in the front seat.  At first I thought it was sexy Chanel —  this young chick from Hate Camp who’s always dolling herself up in slinky fashions.  The chick on the bus had the bare-shoulder thing going, and these long, slinky gloves all the way up her arms.

But when she stood up and turned around to get off the bus, I was surprised to see it was K.  She was wearing a long, plain kind of hippy skirt, and she looked kind of like a hippie peasant woman.  She was missing a couple of her front teeth, which gave her a  street woman look.  Of course, I flashed on the memory of the stylish young “punk rock chick” K —  the way she looked when she first hit Berkeley in 1997 at age 17.  This baby-faced thing that looked 12-years old.  And now she’s a middle-aged woman.  Which you could see coming.  But it was still a little sad.

She was standing there by the back door waiting to get off on San Pablo Avenue.  She had her back to me. She was probably coming from the Berkeley Marina.  And headed to San Pablo to hook up with some people she knows. And it was one of those split-second calls where it all happened too fast to think.  She’s going to be off the bus in the next two seconds.  So I called out.

“Hey, K.”

She turned and looked at me.  “Oh, hi.”

“Hey, here you go.”  I pulled out the big wad of cash in my pocket and handed it to her.

“Oh thanks,” she said.  “For my birthday?”

“Yeah,” I said.

She had a happy smile on her face.  Contented and at peace, even.  Self-contained, calm and self-controlled — maintaining her public façade, blending in and functioning like a normal person.  Which might seem like “damning with faint praise.”  But after all the years of seeing her sprocketing all over the place, it was nice to see that, at least for the time being, she’s somewhat normal and functioning. Which is an incredible triumph in it’s own way.  Considering what she’s been through in her life.

Just before she walked out the back door, she turned to me and smiled happily and said:

“Oh, I’m sorry about the (unintelligible).”  I couldn’t  really make out what she said.

And then she was gone.

. .


  1. Hello my name is Mark Eisen and I am a good friend of “Slam” who’s name has been used as a stand in for the real character in this anecdote, and she’s sitting next to me kind of contemplating about how this pseudonym might cause her some problems in more ways than one. Now I believe the author could have used a name that had no owner, but instead used a name that was used in good standing with her cohorts and friends who in fact know and love that certain person. Well that would bother the hell out of me, and kind of dishearten me, and put me to worry; that I would be confused in my own persona and life story among Hate Campers who know the real me. And I’ve been wondering if I should say something in my friends stead, because I see her worrying and I think something should be done in retribution for the injustice to her given and earned name. And I see her bearing no ill will towards the author, Hate Camp, or this publication.

    Comment by Moon (MARK lol) Eisen — October 13, 2014 @ 8:35 am | Reply

    • Dear Mark. I’ll change the name or delete the blog entirely. Whatever you want. (I just sent a more detailed letter to your gmail address to hopefully clarify my position)-.

      Comment by Ace Backwords — October 13, 2014 @ 6:41 pm | Reply

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