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November 4, 2014

Election day

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I just got done voting in the 2014 mid-term election.  I actually enjoy voting.  Which is the only reason I really do it.  I enjoy following the whole election process.  I kind of like opinion polls in general.  And I guess I look at the elections as kind of a national opinion poll.  And I’m happy to have my two-cents counted.

A lot of my friends don’t vote.  They feel the system is rigged.  “Why vote, it only encourages them?”  And I certainly respect this point of view.  And in a way, they’re casting their votes about what they think about our political system by not voting.

I never really liked the concept that one should vote out of sense of “civic duty.”  I don’t like doing anything out of a sense of duty or obligation if I can help it.  Something dreary about that.  I mostly do stuff out of a sense of love or fun or hatred or fear.  Those seem like more legitimate motivations than a sense of duty.

I miss the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the “progressive” newspaper that recently went out of business.  I used to take their handy voters guide with me to the polls.  And vote the exact opposite of whatever they recommended.

Generally, there’s usually only one or two things on the ballot  that I have much interest in one way or another.  Like on this one, I was definitely against the proposition that wanted to tax soda.  I’m generally against all the “sin taxes.”  Maybe if they taxed people that eat broccoli, I might go for it.  And I voted for short sentences for non-violent offenses (even though I’m told there might be more to this one in the fine print).

Usually, I’ll have a couple of general principals that guide my voting decisions.  Like right now, I feel Americans are being taxed to the poorhouse.  So I’ll generally vote against anything that wants to raise taxes.  Unless its something really important, like helping feral cats or something. And sometimes I’m just in the mood to vote “no” on everything.  Ha ha.  Whatever it is.  And generally I’ll vote against any incumbent.  I figure if they managed to get elected once already, odds are they’re crooks.  But half the time I just vote for somebody because I like the sound of their name. Ha ha.  Politics is very sophisticated.

The first election I voted in was Carter-versus-Ford in 1976, age 19.   I remember watching the presidential debate while tripping on very strong LSD. And I remember being greatly impressed when Jimmy Carter looked deeply into the camera with his clear blue eyes and announced his heart-felt desire to bring peace to a troubled planet.  Plus, Gerald Ford seemed like a dolt.  So Carter won the all-important “acid casualty” demographics.

Of the thousands of homeless street people I’ve known over the years, me and Hate Man are the only ones I’ve known that actually vote.  I guess that’s why we’re referred to as the “underclass.”  We’re so far below even the lower class, that it’s like we’re not even part of the system.  And I’m the only homeless, Berkeley registered Republican that I’ve ever met.  So I’m part of a very rare and select demographic.  A demographic of one.  Ha ha.

In previous presidential elections, I’ve voted for Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy (still regret that one), Leonard Peltier, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Barak Obama and Mitt Romney.  When I look at my voting record, I’m not sure how I’d describe my political views.  But when I look at that list of candidates, “mentally insane” might come closest to describing it.



  1. You’re admitting that you were completely controlled by the SFBG?

    Comment by Smidgey Smudge — November 6, 2014 @ 7:55 am | Reply

    • Of course. I’m helpless to resist the psychic magnetism of Bruce Bruggman’s beard and jowls.

      Comment by Ace Backwords — November 6, 2014 @ 9:36 pm | Reply

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