Hate Man organizes a protest

Breaking news: The UC cops are now saying its illegal for the homeless to have cardboard or tarps. And are giving out "lodging" tickets. Hate Man organized a demo in front of the police station.
The UC Berkeley police have started a new policy of banning the homeless from using cardboard and tarps. Hate Man and friends organize a protest in front of the UC police station on the Berkeley campus.


This is unbelievable. The UC cops are now giving out tickets to any homeless who have cardboard or tarps.
Hate Mans protest sign.

3 thoughts on “Hate Man organizes a protest

    1. Its unbelievable. Simebody snitched me off again to the Real Name Policy .. Even though Im using my goddamn name this time. So my page is blocked AGAIN!! Does anything show up when you search for my old pages? Or is it all invisible?

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