Kitties in the Mist (and the rain)



 It’s been raining for the last 3 days so I haven’t been at my campsite.  There was a brief respite last night, so I thought I’d chance it.  My two feral cats — Moo Cat and Blondie — had been patiently waiting for me for 3 days at the foot of the trail to my campsite.
 When I got within fifty yards of them I heard Moo Cat off in the distance in the darkness, making this loud, wailing, meowing sound.  Sort of desperate and hopeful sounding at the same time.  Like:  “IS THAT REALLY YOU??  WE’RE OVER HERE!!  FEED US!!  FEED US!!”

I called back the sounds I usually make around them so she’d recognize it was me:  “BIG FAT CAT!!  COME AND GET YOUR FUD!!”

I broke out two big cans of catfood and a big bag of leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.  Which they gobbled down eagerly.

I slept peacefully (aside from one weird dream) for 4 hours until the rain woke me up at 2 in the morning.   I quickly packed up my campsite and fled in the general direction of civilization.  And here I am.

2 thoughts on “Kitties in the Mist (and the rain)

  1. Very enjoyable. They pretty much understand what you’re saying. I have found that you can communicate with animals quite well. They may not understand the subtleties of the words, but tone of voice and body language tells it all. You are giving them food and you are not trying to take the food from them. You’re not trying to disturb them in anyway. I deal with Deer A lot. Same deal. Body language. Free food. Understanding.

    1. That’s true. They might not understand the words, but they usually understand the tone. Just as the cats have dozens of meanings to “meow” depending on their tone and inflection.

      Haven’t had much in the way of interaction with deer. I often see them grazing around in the hills from a distance. Such a beautiful creature. And it’s amazing when they suddenly burst into a sprint, that burst of speed, like they’ve been shot out of a rocket, like their back legs are a catapult. . I’ll often see what seems like a male, female and fawn walking together. I wonder if deer’s mate for life.

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