Cheap thrills.

Cheap thrills. Finding one of my books at the library.


4 thoughts on “Cheap thrills.

  1. They have a bronze statue of a homeless guy in Cuba. It was one particular guy who had some qualities. You can find out if you go on the Internet and look up the homeless people. So, maybe someday they’ll be a bronze statue of you and Duncan at the at the table by Cody’s

    1. Dome day there will be s bronze statue of me – Ace Backwords — in the very center of Sprojl Plaza — heroically pounding s 40 of Olde English while I shit my pants frim diarrhrea. There will even be s commemoativd plaque. The Free Bowel Movement.

  2. Is that a hard backed copy? The way the economy is heading, I bet it will go back to print. It saved my ass when I went homeless for a month or so. It was not so much what to do, as what not to do during periods of turbulent transition. & as I was regrouping instead of distentegrating, I realized that the streets were not for me, namely that I didn’t have the health or constitution to endure long term homelessness. The fact that you not only survived over a decade on the streets, but even thrive is a testament to your health & resourcefulness.

    1. Good eye. It is a hardback cover. I couldn’t figure out where it came from. Until I realized the library often takes softcovers and binds a hardcover onto it. I guess to make it more durable.

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