One of the cool things about Charles Bukowski

One of the cool things about Charles Bukowski.  In 1968 the Beatles started their own record label, Apple Records.  And they set up a subsidiary label, Zapple Records, to put out the more artsy and underground stuff.  And one of the artists they were interested in signing was this obscure, skid row poet named Charles Bukowski.  I mean, almost nobody had even HEARD of Charles Bukowski in 1968.  And in 1969 the Beatles actually set up a recording session where Charles Bukowski read a bunch of his immortal poems.

But the cool thing was:  I never ONCE heard Bukowski mention this.  Or name-drop this.  Ya know?  Like:  “Yeah.  The Beatles wanted to record me back in 1969.”  Myself?  I would have been bragging and name-dropping all over the place if that was me.

In fact, Bukowski couldn’t STAND the Beatles.  I interviewed Bukowski in 1986 and off-handedly asked him his opinion about John Lennon.  Bukowski said:  “I don’t think John Lennon ever produced anything of worth or value.  And from what I know, how he lived his life wasn’t worth a whit, either.”

But you see.  I’m always finding an excuse to name-drop Bukowski.  “Yeah!  I INTERVIEWED Bukowski back in 1986!!”

So I’m not nearly as cool as Bukowski.


2 thoughts on “One of the cool things about Charles Bukowski

  1. You are a good writer and you have a good sense of the unique and ethics. You can dislike me for saying something positive I’m not just kissing your ass or trying to make you feel good because you’re homellessss

    1. Ha ha. Helping the Homeless Geg Their Asses Kissed. I am going to apply for a grant to help this crucial charity organization get some much needed funding.

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