Feral cats versus house cats

There are a couple of things that differentiate feral cats from the average house cat.

One thing is, the feral cats have a certain tenseness and hyper-alertness.  You can see that in Blondie’s body language.  They are alert to EVERY sound and EVERY movement.  And they are ready to run at any moment.  To go from 0 to 50 mile-an-hour sprint in a split second.  They often act as if warning alarms  of DANGER DANGER DANGER are going off in their brains.  The slightest sound will cause their head to instantly swivel in the direction of that sound.  And they will stare intently off into space until they’ve concluded it was non-threatening.

Another thing is, they really are wild animals.   You can actually see the wildness in Blondie’s eyes.



4 thoughts on “Feral cats versus house cats

  1. Sometimes my indoor cat will just out of the blue give me a bite and look at me with a really wild eyes- I sometimes wonder if they ever really lose all their natural instincts?

    1. Yeah. I think thats engrained. Moo Cat likes. to do this thing when shes lying on my chest where she pretends to yawn and stretch her arms and then takes a “playful” swipe at my face. Has broken blood more than once. . .

      I think its their way of saying: “I ain’t no punk. I’ve got skills. I can do some damage. Dont under-estimate me.”

  2. Interesting. I would like to hear any theories or observations about animals that you have. Even if you’re not certain about what you have observed. These could be very valuable observations.

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